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The Best Seat in the House

We offer three different models: HealthPro Revive, HealthPro Elite, and HealthPro Premier each with unique designs and benefits.  The HealthPro Revive features foot rollers and air bags in the hips and legs that give instant comfort to your sore and tired muscles. The HealthPro Elite has patented heated massage rollers that provide a more human like massage experience.  All massage chairs feature a reflexology foot massage to soothe your tired feet.


With a classy look and design that guarantees comfort and relaxation, the HealthPro Massage Chairs do not disappoint. All models are available in black and brown color choices, so customers can choose the one that will blend perfectly with the interiors of their home.


Treat yourself with the HealthPro Massage Chair. Shop now!

HealthPro Elite Massage Chair



HealthPro Elite combines the latest technologies which now makes it possible to experience a massage sensation never possible with massage chairs of the past. The HealthPro Massage Charis uses a total of 48 airbags,  patented heated roller technology, and a revolutionary L track.  RELAX AND ENJOY THE MOST INNOVATIVE MASSAGE EXPERNECE!   

Patented Heated Roller

The HealthPro Elite and Infinity massage chairs use pioneering heating massage roller technology, which offers overall heating while the rollers massage the shoulder, the back, the waist, and the buttocks. This technology, in combination with the sole heating function, forms a unique warm moxibustion system, which improves blood circulation, relieves fatigue effectively, greatly improving the overall massage effect. (Patent number of massage heating device: ZL 2014 1 0 330384.3)

Once you experience a HealthPro Massage Chair you will feel the difference



Foot Massage

Based on the foot rollers of ordinary massage chairs, and on the fast reversal technique, the HealthPro Massage Chairs have innovatively developed the two-way rotary foot kneading technique, which performs the sole function of foot kneading, which is accomplished in conjunction with foot heating. This technique provides the best foot massage experience, and is great for your health and longevity.


Massage Chair Illistration