HealthPro Platinum 3D

HealthPro Platinum 3D

SKU: 21354654

HealthPro Platinum is a Medical Grade Massage Chair. The HealthPro Platinum 3D features a wide variety of options. It is has 3D Massage Technology that allows the intensity of the rollers to be adjusted, Infarred Heating in the Back, Seat and Legs, Foot Roller Massage, Full Body Air Bag Massage, 10 Preprogrammed Massage Settings, Auto Scanning Feature and Zero Gravity Setting. It also incorporates a head massage with a long air cell that lightly squeezes the temples. It also has bluetooth speakers and ablity to make and recieve call through the chair. For Use In: Hospitals, Chiropractors and Physical Therapist.  However most used by customers in the comfort of their homes.

Rated for 10,000 Hours of Use

  • Features

    53" Massage Track

    L Shape Massage Track

    Unique Head Massage 

    Shoulder Airbags 

    Hip Airbags

    Leg Airbags

    Foot Rollers

    Back Heating

    Seat Heating

    Leg Heating 

    Make and Recieve Phone Call Capability

    5 Manual Massage Modes

    10 Preprogrammed Massage Modes

    Weight 250lbs